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Heads up people....FINTEL has been adviced by the military to block our sites in no uncertain terms. I think we should take preemptive action now, and consider migrating your blog to another host. The blocking (I'm told) will be based on IP address blocking. I think the reason for this is the lasaituba stories you guys at RFC post...LOL...the guys must be getting a good hiding at their homes.



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As the result of Qarases confinement, he is becoming like the new Mandela of the South Pacific and before i explain why? Lets start with what this current military regime has created. A society of fear and intimidation with the rape of the constitution and overthrow of the democratically elected government. Abuse of civilians and those that they murdered has only brought them below the belt and have lost all respect and credibility from the public.

The overthrow of board members and recent sacking of the judiciary has given them an ugly face. They have become the devil's representative in Fiji's society only in physical appearance. Do we really have a law that should be followed? since every part of it has been torn to piece led by this military regime and they expect each us to follow the law?

This nation is now hanging in the balance from moving forward or moving back to 20 years time. History tells us that the overthrow of governments and creation of dictatorship only dooms the future of a nations generation and its economy. However in todays 21st century things have change then like the early days up to 2000. Technology has now catch up to us in updating the world events we live in 24/7.

This coup is heading no where as of previous coups which was supported by indigenous Fijian, the Methodist Church and GCC through the lack of educational program and exposer to the outside democratic world system. We now live in an educated society, where freedom of speech and rights is taught and has influence our everyday lives through the use of modern day technology via internet, tv and updated educational program. This IG regime is in fear as the latest enemy of them all now is we the BLOGGERS who constantly pester their hidden agenda, exposing it through the internet daily. Everyday we become a headache to them.

Everyday the soon return of Qarase becomes more of a threat as he is becoming popular the more he is in confinement. The clock is ticking no support from the Public, GCC, Methodist Church or the International Community. This regime is left to starve to itself till they run out of resources and money then its the end. It's doom days is just around the corner not far and the prayers of the innocent will soon prevail.

Military, take note, in continuing to violate Qarase's daily basic human rights, you are pushing a large portion of us the public, the so called silent majority, whom you have always claim to championed, closer to the man more than those that voted him in 2006 election. The longer you continue to confine him in exile, the more he has become, like Mandela to the South Africans, the symbol of our struggle to get our freedom and dignity back. Qarase's return will be a day like that of Mandela. He might be soon be the Mandela of the South Pacific and it will be a day of history and a lesson to those who undermine his government. The day international journalist will be back on our soil promoting Fiji once again to the world through new world events they have always hunger for.I am sure more tourist will flood in this nation then in the previous years as a result of this.

Just remember he was voted by the public to be in office and your coup is not going to stop him from getting more votes through the crimes that you committed to him, his government and the public. History tells us that Fiji's past coups overthrowing elected government does not see them returning to power. I doubt that will happen again. The world has change and Qarase might be the first overthrown prime minister to win election again and what do you do? Your lack of vision for this nation will only cost you and your families future in public life. Your guns is not going to save you nor the recent papers signed by the president declaring your freedom from prosecution.

I say the next government voted in will bring all of you to justice including the shadowy figures silent coup supporters like that of (Whisky)Rev Yabaki and those that RFC has exposed on this blog. Once and for all this nation will surely be free from this poisonous leaders who is currently running government now..We the people will rejoice and dance for soon our cries for freedom will surely take place sooner then expected. To end all this those that hated Qarase and the SDL will just have to throw your vote for other parties since its called a democracy. I am sure the future of Labour party is now doom thanks to greedy power hunger Chaudhary. May that day come soon.

God Bless Fiji now and forever.


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Joeli sweetie! Part of the fight for democracy is allowing those who've been trodden on, spat on and worse, express themselves freely... a fundamental right that we hve all been deprived of by this ILLEGAL IG and their bunch of thugs who call themselves soldiers.What wud u prefer..? An increase in our suicide statistics or people being physically (& some) hurt, maimed or God forbid, even KILLED because someone who is hurting deeply and doesn't hve an avenue vent his anger and frustrations at what's happening around us 24/7, has suddenly gone off the edge..?

Not everyone has a support system like you & I may hve so .. live and let live. These are unusual times and personally, I am totally interested in these uncensored views.. sure there's the usual ranting & venting but through it all, I'm optimistic we'll see more constructive exchange come through for those who are in for the long stay the takes many forms even the ugly ones.


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Shaista Shameem, Guarding Freedom in Fiji One prominent leftist who has endorsed the recent coup in Fiji is Shaista Shameem, director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission.From StuffFiji Human Rights Commission (FHRC) head Dr Shaista Shameem said New Zealand's reactions and interventionist policy had fostered the deterioration of human rights.The commission, set up under Fiji's constitution, endorsed the coup in which Bainimarama dumped Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase."The Qarase Government was involved in massive violations of human rights in Fiji, constituting crimes against humanity, and made serious attempts to impose ethnic cleansing tactics in Fiji," a 32-page report said."What the commander overthrew on December 2006 was not the legitimate and democratically elected Government of Fiji."Fiji's Human Rights Commission, like its NZ counterpart is a leftist organisation, far more concerned with promoting socialism than genuine human rights.

Shaista Shameen, certainly has the credentials for the job.Educated at the Suva based University of the South Pacific, in the '70s, Shameem traces her political awakening to the shock of the "Watergate Scandal" of 1973.Shameem later spent time at Canterbury University, where, in 1984, she was active in the "Students of Colour and Anti-Racism Collective".The Collective was linked to the "Canterbury University Progressives Club". That group was led by the late Rob Steven, a Maoist leaning, Marxist-Leninist, political science lecturer who was almost certainly a member of the Workers Communist League.Steven published an influential Marxist journal entitled, "Race, Gender, Class".In 1985 Shameem contributed an article to the second issue of RGC "When Can We Be Free? The Struggle of Indo-Fijian Women".

From 1985 to 1989, Shameem was listed as an editorial advisor to RGC.After Canterbury, Shameem became a lecturer at Waikato University.After Sitiveni Rabuka overthrew the crypto-communist Fiji Labor Party government in 1987, the NZ left campaigned hard against the new regime.The left's main front in NZ, was the "Coalition for Democracy in Fiji".According to the Socialist Unity Party's "Tribune" of September 23rd 1987, Shameem addressed an Auckland seminar on Fiji.Co-speakers included, convicted spy and "peace" activist Owen Wilkes, SUP member and CDF supporter Don Farr, CDF chairman Vincent Naidu and Asenaca Uluiviti.In October that year Vincent Naidu attended a Bureau meeting of the Soviet front, World Peace Council, in Auckland.Asenaca Uluiviti, Now Second Secretary of the Fiji's Permanent Mission to the United Nations (have since returned to Fiji and now a lawyer at PSC), Uluiviti was a long time chairwoman of CDF and in 1989, served on the National Council of Jim Anderton's crypto-communist, New Labour Party.

In 1989 Shameem wrote an article "The Fiji Coups: Media Distortion". for issue 315 of the then, Revolutionary Communist League, controlled "NZ Monthly ReviewShameem spent much of the '90s in NZ at and ended up earning a PhD in Sociology at Waikato University and a Masters of Law from Auckland.In 2002 she was appointed Director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission.

In 2004 United Nations Commission on Human Rights appointed Shameem as "Special Rapporteur on the use of mercenaries as a means of impeding the exercise of the right of people to self-determination."The Working Group was charged with;

(a) To elaborate and present concrete proposals on possible new standards, general guidelines or basic principles encouraging the further protection of human rights, in particular the right of peoples to self-determination, while facing current and emergent threats posed by mercenaries or mercenary-related activities;

(b) To seek opinions and contributions from Governments and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations on questions relating to its mandate;

(c) To monitor mercenaries and mercenary-related activities in all their forms and manifestations in different parts of the world;

(d) To study and identify emerging issues, manifestations and trends regarding mercenaries or mercenary-related activities and their impact on human rights, particularly on the right of peoples to self-determination;

(e) To monitor and study the effects of the activities of private companies offering military assistance, consultancy and security services on the international market on the enjoyment of human rights, particularly the right of peoples to self-determination, and to prepare draft international basic principles that encourage respect for human rights on the part of those companies in their activities.

Ironic, considering Shameem's recent endorsement of a military coup apparently aimed at thwarting the nationalist agenda of indigenous Fijians.In 2005 Shameem, was sent by the UN to review the justice process in Indonesia and East Timor. The Indonesians refused her a visa.posted by Trevor Loudon @ 1/06/2007 08:59:00 PMDid Left Orchestrate Fijian Coup?I am not alone in thinking that the left were behind the recent coup in Fiji.From today's Fiji TimesThe Fiji Human Rights Commission will challenge comments against director Dr Shaista Shameem by ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase."I have asked the chairperson of the commission to take it up at the earliest opportunity," Dr Shameem said.She was reacting to Mr Qarase's statement that the commission, the military, Fiji Labour Party and the National Alliance Party were part of the overthrow of the democratically elected Government.On Monday, Mr Qarase said he was not surprised at the first eight people who were part of the military government and sworn-in at Government House.

Speaking from Mavana Village in Lau, he said that most of those that had been appointed were supporters of the Fiji Labour Party and the National Alliance Party."Their appointments confirm to me that it was the Fiji Labour Party, National Alliance Party and the Fiji Human Rights had been part of the overthrow of his Government".


I already posted the following as a comment on Hydenceek, but its probably worth repeating here.It appears the coup-supporters are getting themselves ready by stacking the Magistracy in the event that something happens to the Judiciary. Namely, we could lose most of our High Court Judges, and possibly all our Appeals and Supreme Court Judges if the SDL and FLS cases have not been ruled on by the time Judges contracts come up for renewal later this year. Either that, or the High Court bench may simply resign en mass if those cases are ruled on, and it becomes obvious that the 1997 Constitution has been effectively abrogated.

Since the FLS President is no longer attending JSC meetings, they cannot now properly appoint new High Court Judges to replace those who leave (or certainly none with any sense of honor, conscience or reputation worth worrying about). That could leave us with either a severely overloaded High Court (and no Appeals or Supreme Courts), or else no High Court at all. In that case, the people will only have the Magistracy to turn to for legal redress. And guess what - it'll be stacked with coup supporters just in case some people decide they might want to re-start any democracy protests once the self-propagating security decree has been lifted. Welcome to coupcoupland!



GCC Chairman, Ratu Ovini Bokini has passed away.

RFC received the confirmation yesterday evening.

The RFC Movement wish to send its condolences to Ratu Ovini Bokini's family and also to the people of Tavua for the passing away of their high chief.

Ratu Ovini was also known for his stern stand in pushing for the upholding of democratic rule and rule of rule after 5/12.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


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Sounds like the strongman in the army camp is the spirit of seduction and lust. Which is menufesting through this military regime. No wonder they able to rape the constitution.

If they able to be wicked behind the scenes not honoring truth then it has come out to be that this military is nothing more then immoral adulteress wicked regime which will soon collapse. This is nothing new since Rabuka led the way including sleeping with the other women even having children from one of them.

Do we expect this people to lead us astray like a sheep to the slaughter. We pray to this day that this regime must repent before its all too late and it will be the burial day for the RFMF for they will soon be no more in the future role of this nation. Fiji is now in state of confusion due this RFMF who has dug up there very own future graveyard.

The next goverment will bring all those involve to justice and the military will be stripped off power from interfearing in future goverment postion. Time is ticking relent now before its all over.. However justice will soon swallow all those who involve in this coup..

God Bless Fiji


A blogger says...

Rizwan's dad cunningly siphoned profits of FEA, which was why Joe Mar removed him. How can a big corporation like FEA make a profit that is 12 million less than a private family company in Punjas. Almost every household and major organisations in Fiji pay monthly bills to FEA.He did all these by incrementing his own salary and that of those closest to him by creating additional job descriptions and even new top posts for his animal farm.Joe Mar instead took a $200 monthly allowance, plus a meter reader vehicle as benefits for his accepting the new post as FEA Chairman. He was a change agent and wasn't like by people who are so used to the status quo and even using it to further their own selves.


A blogger writes...

So what's new? Bart Simpson-cut Driti, Lewen-ahhh-... So what's new? Bart Simpson-cut Driti, Lewen-ahhh-ski, Tele-ahh-ni and any other public leader must expect their actions to be scritinized by the watching public. It's the price of leadership (whether elected, appointed or grabbed). And if one "can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

One cannot claim that what they do in private is their personal business, as long as they do their public jobs well. Fact of the matter is, who we are in private is intricately linked with who we are in public. We must be one and the same person. It is called INTEGRITY. Lack of integrity leads to CORRUPTION!! And to clean up corruption, we must first of all be persons of integrity.

So let's keep holding our "power-grabbing leaders" accountable, and keep exposing their foolish and corrupt (even immoral) actions. They have to prove that they are worth the grass they step on, let alone the tax money we pay them. And if they prove otherwise, let's chase them out of town!! Literally!!


This Driti doesnt care abot his father in Levuka who got admitted to the hospital when he heard his son was part of the coup and he doesnt care abot his brother who is an AOG minister in Sydney. All he cared abot was Vores leadership.. When this coup is all over..Vore wont be your angel anymore. You will all end up in prison and the presidents degree wont cover you either since his signature was forged by Vore..Your guns wont save you neither your bodyguards...Prison is waiting for you NOW..all the best and it wud be really funny to see Speight and his gang come out and Driti and Vore goes in...Only time will tell...


Dear Sir

I have always loved the works of the magistracy in Fiji. Although at times they have proven to be very scarry and sitting on ‘Fiji Time’, I have enjoyed over the years the judgements and understanding most of our magistrates have displayed.

Now Ana Rokomokoti, now a supposably learned magistrate, has taken the cake and she has shown the people of Fiji that she comes into the magistracy with an agenda.

Forget about her military career and her involvment during the December 5 coup. Ana Rokomokoti after leaving the Fiji Miliatry Forces joined the Attorney Generals Office and immediately took the reins of representing the military and interim government against Angie Heffernan. And than on the day she was sworn in by the Acting Chief Justice, on National Television she deicdes to tell the people of Fiji and she is “looking forward to serving……and looking at the law from a differnent perspective”. During this times of clean up and credibility, Ana Rokomokoti’s ‘different perspective’ proves that she is entering into a credible organisation with a agenda.

A problem with military officers I have found is that they have sworn allegance to the miliatry forces. Interesting with a lot of these precedent cases coming up to do with the Public Order Act. Like the ‘Flag Bearers’ Tura Lewai, Una Dumaru, Peter Waqavonovono, Laisa Digitaki, and Jackie Koroi and the on-going ‘Freedoms Case’ by Angie Heffernan. If Rokomokoti were to take these cases when it is called will be she look from the different perspective and listen to her superiors in green or will she listen to the law and the conclave of magistrates atht surround her.

As I see it, this is make or break time for Fiji’s judiciary. If they still decide to keep her than I suggest that they send to do work away from the two capitals, reason being that since thses are the hot beds of presedent cases, she cannot be exposed to these cases and further open a pandoras box.


RFC agents have reported sightings of Driti and one of his many concubines, Losana Ah Yuk, who works at one of the UN office in downtown Suva. They say the two could not keep their hands to themselves as they canoodaled and smooched.

But only a few weeks prior, Bart (butt)-Simpson cut Driti and one Sainiana at FTIB were caught in a compromising "yoga" position.

"See how quickly power gets into this peoples head and how quickly their other head plays.It's really sickening, yuk!", said a source.


TO RFC can the following situation apply to Fiji too!! please check'

Better to pay fine than tour Zimbabwe' - Australia gvt

By a Correspondent

THE Federal Government would prefer that the Australian cricket team pull out of a tour of Zimbabwe even if it means funnelling hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Mugabe regime.Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer told ABC Radio today it would be a "bad look'' for the reigning world champions to tour Zimbabwe.

This is despite speculation that part of a $US2 million ($2.43 million) no-show fine which would be slapped on Cricket Australia, could filter through to the Zimbabwe government."Look, the choice here is ... to make a tour, that's three one-day games, (and) I think that would be a bad look for the Australian cricket team to do that,'' Mr Downer said."Or else to pull out of it, if the worst comes to the worst, have to pay the fine and some of the fine money may, no doubt, go to the (government controlled) Zimbabwe Cricket Union and obviously what they do with it will be a matter for them.'' (They're) not very palatable choices, I appreciate that.''The government has agreed to pay the fine - imposed by the International Cricket Council - if it asks the Australian team to abandon the Zimbabwe tour.

Mr Downer said the request would be made on humanitarian and economic grounds."I think the Mugabe regime is one of the most odious regimes in the world and so that a tour by the World Championship cricket team would, I think, give a bit of propaganda encouragement,'' he said."It's a serial human rights abusing regime and the treatment of the opposition and political dissent is just outrageous.''Mr Downer said the Mugabe government had "crippled'' Zimbabwe.

The most compelling proof was the dramatic reduction in life expectancy, he said, which had reduced from 61 years in 1990 to 33 years today.Mr Downer said the government had considered sending another cricket team to play but the contract stipulated it must be the Australian national team.He will meet with Cricket Australia in Melbourne on Thursday to discuss the issue. - The Australian